Moleskine Travel Collection

A close view into the new Moleskine bags and their design process. Freehand technical drawings, sketches and phoptographs all morph and merge toghether into each other. Designed by…

Paris (Le Flâneur)

«Le Flâneur», un vídeo en stopmotion del estudiante Luke Shepard con música de The XX nos invita a un paseo libre de turistas por los lugares más visitados…

Google Street View

[responsive_vimeo] “Life is a journey”: this internet viral/information spot, done by Sehsucht Berlin for Kolle Rebbe takes the viewer on a journey around the world. In each…

Louis Vuitton city guide

[responsive_vimeo] «City Guide Louis Vuitton» 2011 of Paris, Berlin and New York, by Romain Chassaing. [responsive_vimeo] [responsive_vimeo]

Pahnl – Nowhere Near Here

[responsive_vimeo] If life is a catwalk, run like a dog: ‘Nowhere Near Here’ is a stop motion animation, by Pahnl, that uses a combination of light with…

Playmobil Stop Motion: Joy Division – Transmission

[responsive_youtube] Awesome video recreating Joy Division’s television performance on Something Else in the 1970s where they played “Transmission” using only stop-motion animation and Playmobil dudes.


[responsive_youtube] Para los fans de Moleskine, este anuncio del publicista holandés Rogier Wieland realizada en stop-motion, para presentar la colección 2011 de agendas extra-small.

Star Wars

[responsive_vimeo] Star Wars given the Paper Treatment! Watch the Original Trilogy retold via paper animation set to the lovely song ‘Tatooine’ by Jeremy Messersmith.