Moleskine Star Wars: the origami battle

El último trabajo del director y amigo mío Alex Orlowsky (YouLoveHome), junto con Daniela Fuggetta y Lula, no es nada menos que un fantástico homenaje a la saga…

Moleskine Travel Collection

A close view into the new Moleskine bags and their design process. Freehand technical drawings, sketches and phoptographs all morph and merge toghether into each other. Designed by…


[responsive_youtube] Para los fans de Moleskine, este anuncio del publicista holandés Rogier Wieland realizada en stop-motion, para presentar la colección 2011 de agendas extra-small.

MSK Tutorial – How to Use

[responsive_youtube] MSK is a printable format for Moleskine that allows to transfer digital content like contacts, events or original associations of images and text on the blank…