BIG - West 57th

BIG – West 57th

How we live, where, why, and with whom. These are but a few of the aspects covered in Louisiana’s impressive and diverse summer exhibition entitled «Living» which investigates the concepts of home and new modes of life through architectural, social and cultural looks at the world today.

The exhibition also includes a large installation of BIG’s first project in North America: West 57th which is seen being built up through time lapse photography in this short clip. With their new multi-storey building in Manhattan in New York, West 57 (in progress), the Danish Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) presents its proposal for new ways of linking dwelling with people. It can be described as a hybrid between the European tenement block and the traditional skyscraper. Film, video, photography, drawings, models and installations visualize this diversity, commented on in depth in interviews with artists and architects round off the exhibit which runs from June 1st 2011 – Oct. 2nd 2011.

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